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Compass Forest Products Limited was founded in March 1985. Since then we have grown to become a business handling over 160,000 m³ of timber annually. Our head office is in Shepperton and we have 3 further regional sales offices located in Hull, Pershore and Tilbury.

Our staff have travelled extensively throughout Scandinavia, establishing a strong portfolio of well managed modern sawmills offering slow-grown, high quality European Redwood and Whitewood.

We represent a number of sawmills on an exclusive basis, and in all our partnerships we have built up a product range of sawn and planed timber dimensions for every purpose. The range encompasses all products from best-quality unsorted grade joinery to HT56/30 certified sawn timber for the pallet and packing case industry, and of course all of the grades in between. In addition to sawn timber we can supply bespoke-graded sawn or laminated products for window and door manufacture, length specific grades or sawn/planed timber for the merchant sector and a range of carefully graded sawn sections for gate-making and fencing contractors.


Compass Forest Products Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Timber Holdings Ltd.

Established in 1990, the CTH Group is made up of six companies, each trading independently in timber and wood products. Each group member provides unique products, extensive knowledge and expertise to a specific range of industries.

To find out more about the CTH Group visit www.cth.co.uk

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